World Telecommunication Day

Today is World Telecommunication Day. It’s nice, that ability to communicate remotely! Right? Many of us think so, but there are also some pitfalls. You also get disturbed more easily and being focussed is harder. In this article we would like to give tips on how you can use and minimize telecommunications to be even more productive!

First of all, we have a tip for close communication. You’re probably disturbed regularly by colleagues at the office. Questions are asked, conversations you can’t help but overhear, comments that are made by the team joker, etc.

We have an “On Air” sign. Our agreement is that we do not disturb each other when the sign is on. The sign is on twice a day, between 10 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. and between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. You have a question? You’re gonna have to wait. And you know what? It works great.

So how do you make remote communication easier?

Optimize telecommunication


Slack is an online communication service or a groupware as they call it. The app is designed to streamline communication. Not only between colleagues, but also with customers!

You can easily create a channel, a kind of working environment. One for internal communication, one for customer A, a channel for customer B, etc. Within those channels you can then add people and start both personal and group chats.

You can chat with colleagues and customers at a distance. And no: they cannot see if you have read a message, so you can respond whenever you want. Your colleagues and clients can now easily Slack you instead of calling or mailing, which would only break your focus. Check Slack regularly to see if someone asks you something and you decide for yourself when you respond!

The advantage is the reduction of the number of phone calls and e-mails you receive. Instead of different channels, you now get everything in one dashboard and it is easier to see what has priority and what doesn’t. Also, others can see by your status if you’re available or not. There are other apps you can use, but Slack is really popular, so chances are your customers are using it already.

But telecommunication does not only have to be minimized. You also have to use a lot of telecommunications to put your business on the map. For example via social media. Hootsuite can help you with this.


With Hootsuite, you can easily keep track of your social media channels. With Hootsuite you monitor all your channels and feeds. In addition, you can upload your posts to all your channels in one go in the dashboard.

Especially monitoring your channels is useful. This way you can easily monitor the communication of your competition (benchmarking), but also the topics that your target group talks about. Handy, right? Do you need such a dashboard? You should also check out Buffer, or Hubspot.

If this, then that

Sound familiar? “If this, then that” is an old programming term. It means that if you activate A, B must be triggered automatically. IFTTT is a tool that does exactly that.

With IFTTT you can have all your apps and equipment communicate with each other through applets. These applets ensure that if A happens, something happens in app B as well. For instance:

  • When you make a phone call, a log is created in Google Docs;
  • If you order a pizza, you can turn on the porch light as soon as the pizza app indicates that the delivery guy is almost there;
  • If you are an aircraft spotter, you can set a notification if a certain type of aircraft is flying over your location;
  • If you create a task in your project-management software, a reminder is automatically placed in your agenda so you won’t forget it.

The possibilities are actually endless. Currently there are 54 million applets to use and new ones are constantly being added.

There are many ways in which you can minimize and optimize (tele)communication. Because let’s be honest, without the possibility of telecommunications, no (SaaS) company can continue to exist!

You can use telecommunications to grow and scale your SaaS business! You can also telecommunicate with us to schedule a free 30-minute call. We don’t mind giving you free growth tips!