Top 5 SaaS influencers / entrepreneurs

These SaaS and Tech entrepreneurs are a must to follow. They often come with great innovations and ideas to keep the market fresh and sharp. Keeping an eye on them will inspire you and might even give you great ideas to improve your SaaS business.

David Heinemeier Hansson

We know David first and foremost from his role as CTO at Basecamp. Basecamp is a SaaS solution for projectmanagement. For us, however, he is foremost a briljant author of books as ‘Rework‘ and ‘It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work‘. David is definitely a SaaS expert you want to keep an eye on!

Jason Fried

Jason Fried is the right hand of David and founder of software company 37signals, that owns Basecamp. Together with David he’s published a few interesting books that’ll inspire you.

You can get the books these two gentlemen published at

They gave an interesting TEDtalk where they discuss their vision. Click the Play button to watch it.

Peter Thiel

Peter is a great name in Sillicon Valley and involved with a diversity of great Tech companies as LinkedIn, PayPal, Spotify, etc. Many articles from his hand have been published and we like keeping an eye on his activities, which are often refreshing and inspiring. His book, ‘Zero to One‘, is full of interesting stories of successful startups and the best practices you can copy.

Sean Ellis

Sean is the brain behind growth hacking. He is the CEO at GrowthHackers and is the founder and was the CEO of Qualaroo, an automated tool for usage research. He is an often requested speaker and published a book that made us fans: ‘Hacking Growth‘.

His blog is definitely worth checking out!

Neil Patel

In the field of marketing, Neil is probably the most important guru to date. We love following his activities. He founded a diversity of successfull SaaS companies as Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics. But that’s not where Neil stops: he has one of  most valuable marketing blogs where you can find interesting content. We recommend it for Tech and SaaS marketeers!